With us Interact in a Whole New Way, your ads aren’t off to the side they’re a part of the user experience.

Ads your users want to see

Get ads that match the form and function of your website. Users prefer ads that don’t disrupt their content. Native ads deliver contextually relevant sponsored content that fits the look and feel of your site.

Related Content Recommendations

Recommended sponsored content that is related to the content the users are already reading. It encourages them to explore the site more fully and become more engaged.

In-Stream Pre-Roll

Promotional video message played just before or during a video the user has selected to stream.

In-Read Videos

Promotional videos right within users’ natural flow of reading – for maximum attention and high user acceptance. As a user-initiated format, videos expand between the paragraphs of an article only when users scroll down. Playing begins when the article is 100% visible and pauses when visibility is less than 50%. Sound is played only on mouse over.

Push Notification Marketing

Send instant push notifications to our subscribers whenever they are online, wherever they may be – even on their mobile phones!


  • Notifications are communication channels with users in real time
  • High rate of user engagement
  • Relevant audience targeting
  • Non-intrusive / non-annoying
  • Insight into user behavior
  • Real time targeting

Reach GCC & Middle east
audience on top sites