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Why Adintop?

Adintop offers access to millions of consumers mainly from the Middle East and North Africa, and serving more than 500 million monthly Ad impressions, through latest and break-through technologies targeting your consumer interests and geographic places, plus measuring and tracking every single action made by the user from the publisher's website to the advertiser's conversion page.

We offer different types of campaigns that suite your business model and campaign purpose, no matter whether branding or traffic generation.

Managing more than 30 high-traffic Saudi and GCC based websites covering a variety of content categories, our advertising network gives you the opportunity to reach your consumer based on what they like, whether sports enthusiasts, early adopters, health and beauty conscious or avid social networkers.

Premium Publishers

Adintop offers a variety of solutions for web publishers to monetize the traffic that is generated from the Middle East & North Africa region. Working with Arabic websites gives more in-depth experience and knowledge on how to meet every publisher needs. We treat all of our publishers as individuals and handle them on a case by case basis.

Site Representation

Adintop offers site representation services to leading publishers for monetizing their Middle East & North Africa traffic. As a website partner, you will benefit from not only the strength of our sales team but also from world class advertising serving, targeting, brand measurement and rich media solutions. With Adintop’s Site Representation, as a publisher you can expect the following:

  • Extension of your sales reach with the industry's leading digital sales force
  • Cost saving of training and managing a sales force
  • Access to top advertisers and agencies
  • Higher yields from leveraging accurate and extensive targeting functionalities and rich media solutions.

Adintop limits site representation to only a select few publishers which have strong traffic, a niche audience, a great brand and focused content.


  • Quality Traffic and Conversions
  • Reaching your future consumers
  • User Experience Optimization
  • Protecting your brand with us
  • Your success is our goal


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