عنوان الصفحه


عنوان الصفحه



What We Deliver

Premium pre-roll and quality video inventory that has higher viewability and completion.

ضوابط الاعلانات

In-stream Video

Video Ads - In-stream Video

Promotional video message played just before or during a video the user has selected to stream.

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In-read Video

Video Ads - In-read Video

Promotional videos right within users’ natural flow of reading – for maximum attention and high user acceptance. As a user-initiated format, videos expand between the paragraphs of an article only when users scroll down. Playing begins when the article is 100% visible and pauses when visibility is less than 50%. Sound is played only on mouse over.

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Light Box Video

Video Ads - Light Box Video

Lightbox video ads bring full-screen creative to the scale of the web, helping you engage consumers with your brand’s story. User engage with Lightbox video ads by clicking, tapping, or hovering, the video ad responds and expands to fill the screen, display videos, or allow people to tap through a set of images, eventually landing at your website.

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Full Background Video

Video Ads - Full Background Video

Interactive & Impactful video banner that expands to fill the wide screen, eventually landing at your website.

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