What We Deliver

AdinTop Display uses contextual technology and specifically-targeted systems to deliver:

  • Higher click-through rates
  • Higher brand recognition
  • Higher conversion rates

How We Deliver

We can guarantee these results with our high-performance ad products that use:

  • Behavioral targeting
  • Vertical channel targeting
  • Geo-targeting
  • And more!

AD Formats


Display Ads - Billboard

It has the dimensions of 970x250 pixel. A brand-centric format that performs well when placed in a premium position on the page, e.g., above the main content of the page.

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Display Ads - Leaderboard

The 728×90 pixel banner ad also known as a Leaderboard Banner, Super Banner or just a Leaderboard. The leaderboard ads is usually placed at the top of a page, so as to be seen by the user immediately when the page loads.

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Medium Rectangle - MPU

Display Ads - Medium Rectangle / MPU

It has the dimensions of 300x250 pixel. It is generally the best performing ad size, & it performs better when embedded within text content or at the end of articles.

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Floating Bar

Display Ads - Floating Bar

A sticky floating footer bar allows you to prominently display your important content to users. This bar remains visible to users at all time, so they are more likely to click on it and discover more useful content.

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Display Ads - Overlay

An Overlay (or Floater as they are known in the US) ,They can vary in size, but are usually only allowed to appear for 15-30 seconds before they automatically close (unless a user interacts with them). This ad unit can contain video or interactive elements

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Display Ads - Halfpage

An Ad unit with the dimensions of 300x600 pixel. Halfpage ads are also known as a Monster MPU or Filmstrip. The 300×600 half page unit is a highly successful ad unit in terms of both performance , engagement and the eCPM it commands. The 300×600 ad size is usually placed on the side of a page.

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Display Ads - Expandable

A banner ad that can expand to larger size from smaller size after a user clicks on it or hover the cursor over it. Common expandable banners are 300x250 to 300x500 or 728x90 to 728x270

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